Extreme Cockteasing Phone Sex By Mistress Constance

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Extreme Cock Teasing Is Just What You Deserve

To see a beautiful woman like me and know you cant have her....but still not willing to walk away or give me up because there is always that slight chance I will finally give you a taste.

An Effortless Tease

I know all about men like you...sitting there watching me as I move and in your eyes everything I do is a turn on, from how I run my fingers through my long hair...to the way I lick my lips.
Just watching me being natural makes your cock begin to grow....just think what sweet sweet torture it would be if I actually made and effort to get you hard and tease you! I can make you feel as though your just about to get lucky, your so close to actually touching and tasting me....but then leave you hard and horny like only an extreme cock teaser can!

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Making You Stiff and Keeping you that way

Oh when it comes to making men stiff and aching for me I can become so relentless and making it almost unbearable for you to continue watching me ohhh but you will keep watching because you simply can not take your eyes off of me.  I want you to watch me and to know I would  be the best fuck of your life, and with such little effort I can keep that cock rock hard and aching for me, after all that is what an extreme cock teaserwill do...including giving you little peeks of my sweet treats....those full breasts you have been staring at...perhaps a little closer view is what your craving....or is it my ass that you want in your face so badly you can almost taste it?

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